Vice President, Global Portfolio Analytics

  • Full Time
  • Toronto

MUFG Bank, Ltd

Vice President, Global Portfolio Analytics

Job Summary

In this role, the employee will develop and manage global and regional credit portfolio risk analytics for the global MUFG credit portfolio. Specific responsibilities include: Designing and developing credit models and end-user analytic tools; Advancing best practice credit portfolio risk management (e.g. Economic Capital Modeling, Stress Test Modeling, Credit Risk Appetite & Concentration Limits, Early Warning Indicator Modeling/Reporting).

Key Accountabilities

Credit Economic Capital Modeling:

  • Support MUFG Global and Regional Economic Capital production process.
  • Run, maintain, and update the monthly production processes for generating loan-level Economic Capital results.
  • Perform Monte Carlo simulations of Economic Capital (catastrophic losses that occur in crisis scenarios) using vendor models such as Moody’s RiskFrontier.
  • Assist standardization of Economic Capital modeling across ALL MUFG regions.
  • Align EC modeling parameters (e.g. quantification of systematic risks in individual credit position, PD/LGD correlation, etc.)
  • Develop/enhance MUFG’s Economic Capital production process.
  • Conduct peer code reviews, promote best coding practice, explore cutting-edge technologies and tools for production process automation.
  • Work with stakeholders and partners across MUFG’s global organization (often with conflicting interests).
  • Develop and promote tools and technology to facilitate stakeholder communications.

Credit Risk Framework:

  • Manage credit risk appetite and concentrations management limit frameworks. Link credit risk appetite and concentration limits to MUFG business strategy (capital/earnings).
  • Support MUFG credit portfolio quality vs. current and future economic/market trends. Participate in policy review and updates – in coordination with key regional and global stakeholders.

Credit Loss Forecasting Models:

  • Forecast stress credit losses according to preformatted macroeconomic scenarios
  • Implement and update proprietary credit risk models (e.g. Probability of Default / Loss Given Default / Exposure at Default) for all loan exposures and loan types.
  • Assess and standardize loan data extraction from numerous regional and global systems – supporting credit portfolio modeling.

Technical Skills

  • Excellent data analytics skills gained through hands-on experience, including familiarity with large data sets and the tools for data analysis (e.g. R, python, Pandas)
  • Experience using Git/Bitbucket (version control applications) to manage production-level code.
  • Understanding or ability to quickly learn – credit management platform (software) i.e. credit loss forecast models, stress lost forecasting, Monte Carlo loss simulation, etc.
  • Excellent communication skills, oral and written, also interpersonal skills.
  • Experience with statistical tools and techniques (regression models, multivariate analysis, machine learning / deep learning) within financial services
  • Model development capabilities.

Experience & Abilities

  • 5+ years work experience with credit analytics (or equivalent) function preferred.
  • 2+ years work experience in/or supporting Front Office function (e.g. credit, markets, etc.) within a major commercial or investment bank, insurance company, or similar international financial business.
  • Understanding of / or direct Experience with cloud computing (i.e. AWS).
  • Active participation in leading/advocating projects. Strong teamwork abilities.
  • Excellent critical thinking, problem-solving abilities.
  • Highly motivated, strong attention to detail, organized.

Education & Training

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree (Masters/PhD welcome) with emphasis on quantitative methods and tools (i.e. Computer Science, Engineering, Finance, other disciplines).

Working Conditions

  • WFH Split