Senior Staff Design Engineer

Renesas Electronics Corporation

Job Description

To drive technical excellence in Analog design of integrated circuits, delivering hands-on block and top-level design from specification to clean database in collaboration with block lead designers.

Design, verification and simulation of CMOS Analog blocks including voltage references, bias circuits, comparators and amplifiers meeting performance, area and power specifications.
Collaborate with block leads to achieve system and design strategy for IPD products.
Guide layout team to ensure quality of layout of own design.
Drive silicon debugging and design characterization.
Drive lab evaluation in collaboration with Application Engineers for own design.
Produce high quality documentation for own IP blocks.
Working closely with DFT engineers to ensure that own blocks follow existing strategy and implementation for DFT.
Work closely with test and product engineers to support test development and ramp to production.
Coach and mentor less experienced team members.
Contribute to schematic and layout block level reviews for blocks initially designed by others.
Take technical leadership for sub-systems and driving them from specification to production ramp.
Interpret requirement specifications to achieve system and design strategy for IPD products.
Take a proactive approach to driving own development plan, utilizing team members and internal development opportunities.


Typically 5 – 8 years experience
Strong competence with various tools and procedures, reaching specialist level.
Ability to work with minimal instruction – either independently or collaboratively.
Ability to make good judgement in selecting method/technique for obtaining solutions.
Able to confidently share own expertise and work to others.
Able to make significant contribution to projects, programs and business initiatives with creativity and ingenuity.
Ability to support and mentor less experienced team members.
Cross cultural awareness and sensitivity.
Results-oriented and able to deliver on-time under tight schedule.
Ability to work both independently and part of a team.
Excellent command of verbal and written English.
Ability to propose innovative solutions.
Concise and precise communication and presentation skills within multi-site and multi-cultural environment.

– Language Skills: English: Can have daily conversation / Japanese:Can understand conversation.

Additional Information

We aim to grow our revenues to over USD 20 billion by 2030. To achieve this target, our division we will further expand our current product portfolio in IPD, GPU and custom ASIC product lines.

We are looking for a leader who can join our team on this exciting and growth journey and help make a difference to our developments and team growth. The engineer would help drive the project development and IP roadmap

ルネサスは 人の暮らしを楽 ラク にする 技術で持続可能な将来を築いていく日本を代表する半導体企業です 自動運転やIoTなど多様な分野において 先進的な製品やソリュションを提供しています 当社の製品は 世界中の主要な電子機器メカに採用され 日の暮らしに欠かせない身の回りのあらゆる電子機器に使用されています 当社では世界25カ国の製造 開発 販売拠点において20,000人以上の従業員が働いています グロバルチムとして すべての従業員が 行動指針である Renesas Culture をもとに 互いに学習 協力 成長 目標に向けて前進しながら 日さまざまな課題解決に取り組んでいます 当社を取り巻く環境は近年の活発な大型M&Aを含めて 他に類を見ないほどダイナミックに動いています 今後もインフラやデタエコノミ関連の急成長市場でのシェア拡大や 産業/IoTや自動車分野でのプレゼンス強化を図ります 変化の激しい中 グロバルチムの一員として 私たちと一緒に持続可能な将来を築いていただける方をお待ちしています