Medical Director – CReATe Fertility Centre West

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Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society

Medical Director – CReATe Fertility Centre West

Category: Physician
Province: Toronto, Ontario
Position: Medical Director
Deadline: June 28, 2024
Posted: May 31, 2024

Job Description / Duties

1. To provide leadership and guidance.

To promote a positive, healthy and safe environment for delivery of quality patient services.
3. To promote a safe and rewarding work and learning environment in keeping with the Mission Vison Values of the CReATe Fertility Centre.

Maintain a close, collaborative and effective working relationship with the Physician Team, Department Directors, Staff, and internal and external service providers and stakeholders.
5. Ensure compliance with clinical and laboratory practice standards of applicable federal and provincial regulations:
• CPSO-IHF-Diagnostic Imaging
• Health Canada – CTO
• MOHLTC – Ontario Fertility Program


The Medical Director shall provide leadership in developing and maintaining relevant clinical practice guidelines, quality improvement, and infection prevention and control standards thereby ensuring that patients get the best reproductive care outcomes.
7. The Medical Director shall ensure that only licensed, credentialled and competent staff are hired for any regulated positions within the organization.

The Medical Director is responsible for ensuring that OHP staff who are members of regulated health professions have professional liability protection required by their regulatory body. Physicians need to have professional liability protection in accordance with CPSO bylaws.

The Medical Director shall ensure that all non-regulated staff have the necessary qualifications and training necessary to ensure competency.
10. The Medical Director is responsible for all medical and technical procedures carried out during the processing and disposition of sperm or ova under the Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations.

Report to Executive Management any immediate and ongoing issues affecting the clinic, especially health and safety concerns.
12. To facilitate communication at multidisciplinary levels that ensures the safe, efficient and timely running of the organization.

The Medical Director is responsible for the regular review, update, and implementation of clinical policies, processes and procedures.
14. The Medical Director shall ensure that all staff:
a. read the Policy, Process and Procedure (PPP) manual upon being hired, and confirm action with signature and date
b. review the PPP manual annually, and confirm action with signature and date
c. read their individual job descriptions of duties and responsibilities, and sign and date, indicating they have been read and understood.

Ensure that directors and staff in all departments practice in accordance with professional standards.
16. Ensure that the Communication-Information infrastructure – telephone, computer and IT systems – are properly maintained.

Ensure that patient complaints or comments are appropriately addressed in a timely manner.
18. Chairs the Quality Assurance Committee.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Physician acting as a Medical Director in an OHP must have the skills and experience necessary to effectively oversee the OHP and must at minimum meet the following criteria:
a) Resides in Ontario;
b) Holds a valid and active CPSO certificate of registration – means a person who is authorized under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the primary establishment is situated to practice the profession of medicine and who is responsible for all medical and technical procedures carried out at the facility.
c) Not have any terms, conditions or limitations on their certificate of registration that would impact their ability to fulfill the role of a Medical Director.

Additional Information

Working Conditions

Mon-Fri and some weekends and on call for emergency backup.

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