Angular Developer (Angular ngrx)

  • Full Time
  • Toronto


Working with one of the top financial clients this role calls for an Angular Developer (Angular ngrx) who will Work closely with the design and product team to provide strategic direction (via extensible, open behaviours), tactical UX insights, and analyze the technical feasibility of hypothetical features. This candidate will troubleshoot and correct defects present in the product throughout development, quality assurance, and in live client-facing systems.


  • Work closely with backend teams to design and integrate RESTful interfaces that conform to modern standards of readability and transparency expected of public APIs.
  • Decompose large, complex projects into smaller tasks and provide high-level estimates to assist with project planning and tracking.
  • Implement new features and update existing web application behaviours in accordance with evolving product needs.
  • Document technical details as needed to support future maintenance of the product: requirements, configuration/installation instructions, implementation notes, limitations or assumptions.
  • Refactoring code as needed to support long-term performance and maintainability goals.

Desired Skill Set:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering and or equivalent industry experience
  • Must be fluent in English with strong communication skills
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in Angular (Angular 14+)
  • Fluency with common data structures (including their operations and nomenclature) and problem-solving with them: arrays, sets, maps, graphs, trees.
  • Familiarity with major security considerations concerning front-end development.
  • Fluent with REST (including resolution states, request/response signalling, progress events, etc)
  • Comfortable using a flexbox layout system
  • Comfortable with Git for source control
  • Strong algorithm skills

Nice To Have:

  • Experience doing frontend tagging with Adobe
  • Experience adding AA accessibility using frontend technologies

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